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One-on-One Sessions with Matthew

This page is about sessions for people who are working to heal from chronic illness. For those who are here for the men's program, please visit the Men's Work page.

In my experience, the best way to approach healing together—or achieving anything else of value, for that matter—is to first establish a bond that helps you feel relaxed and comfortable with me. I don’t judge or discriminate; as long as you want to show up and work, I’ll be happy to assist you. (In fact, many of my clients actually become friends over time, and we still keep in touch years later!) 


Start by telling me your story. Show me where you've struggled and where you've celebrated. Tell me about what you want to achieve in our time together.


Once we have established a strong bond, we can forge ahead on empowering you to achieve your goal. I'll provide you with a variety of tools that will help you retrain your brain and heal your nervous system. I'll show you how to reclaim and integrate all the different parts of yourself into a grounded, whole person. You'll rediscover your creativity and passion as you uncover or just reclaim your life purpose.


This last piece is a key to forging your legend, because it will be your compass to guide you through the process of healing when it seems that the obstacles are mountains looming in the distance and you can’t see the other side. 


We'll create a plan of attack together that you will follow step by step toward your victory, and we'll identify and overcome any blockages that get in your way as you go. We'll work hard, we'll improvise when necessary, and we’ll have fun, too.


Although I focus on using the mind to heal the body, I will also, when appropriate, delve into other areas involved in the physiological foundation of wellbeing. I’m very passionate about those non-brain-retraining subjects as well—as long as the brain element has been fully integrated into your life first—because they are a part of your long-term foundation of wellbeing.


And for those who aren’t necessarily coming to me with an illness to heal, I also can help with improving your health in other areas of life, such as your relationships, finances, daily habits, and generally achieving what you’re here to do and be. 

Believe it or not, the process of getting well when you’re chronically ill isn’t really all that different from the way we need to go about achieving anything important. It may look different one the outside, but the steps in the process are very similar.

In having me as your coach, you will have a seasoned general in your corner helping you to formulate a plan of attack, a friend whose counsel you can trust, a wizard who seems to know just what you need to hear. I’m not going to just support you in accepting where you are—I’m going to help you get unstuck so you don’t have to accept it anymore! You will learn how to master yourself through the incredible teacher that is your illness. You will remember how incredible you truly are as you overcome every obstacle in your way and heal yourself. 


I’m not the right coach for everyone. I’m kind, but I’m going to push you, and I can be intense. I won’t let you stay stuck or make excuses. You have to want to get well and be willing to put in the work. I will act under the assumption that you are powerful and capable of doing what it takes to get well.


For those who want it badly enough, I am committed to helping you to leave illness and challenges behind you and live out the divine purpose for your life, no matter what it takes.


At the end of our journey together, when you are well and living a full life, you will look back and realize it was never really about healing an illness. It was always about becoming everything you truly are—about forging your own unique legend.


And when you feel like you’re done, that you’ve reached the mountaintop of success, the process will begin again on a whole new level. . .


In Love and Power,


Session Details:

Sessions are offered in 30-minute and 60-minute time slots, as well by email/WhatsApp for those who need more of an ongoing, day-to-day approach or who can't do regular sessions for whatever reason. I also offer a free, 30-minute consultation for anyone who would like to connect and ask questions before deciding on whether to commit.


Please contact me directly to discuss details.

You can email me at to schedule.

Pay It Forward

Forging Your Legend is transitioning into operating as a nonprofit ministry. This won't change anything really in terms of how we help people. It'll just allow us to do more in service to others' healing journeys.

There are so many people in need of help. If you are blessed with financial abundance and want to serve, consider sponsoring someone else's path forward to healing. Reach out if you feel that calling.

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